Saturday, August 22, 2009

Small Minivet

One of the more colorful bird found in some larger parks in the Bangkok area.
These shots are from King's Park (Suan Luang) which isn't too far from the Suwanaphom airport.
News of a male Yellow-rumped Flycatcher drew me to the park on Satuday morning.
The bird was not co-operative for close shots. There were atleast 20 Thai bird photographers trying their best.
Instead, at about 8:45 a flock of about 15 of these lovely birds came by.
They are quite vocal with their peeping calls.

It was a mixture of males, females and young birds. One male adult had the company of a young bird which was very demanding. The father had to work very hard to find grubs for it.

Sometimes it seemed that the birds would 'dance in the air' as they did little tumbles and flew against the wind then letting the wind carry them before doing some more acrobatics. Very nice to observe these colorful birds at close range.

Here is a brightly colored male:

And here is the young bird with wings spread and calling for food:

Daddy comes to rescue:

The female is a lot plainer looking but still has some color:

Nice wing patterns from the male:

A more erect perch:

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