Monday, August 17, 2009

Nakorn Nayok, part 1

June-Aug is absolutely the best time for seeing Blue-winged Pittas. These birds migrate from Indonesia to breed in the wet season when there is a lot of food supply for them.

The Military Acadamy at Nakorn Nayok is located adjoining Khao Yai national park. It is a lush area with landscaped lawns, stands of trees, secondary growth and some hills with more mature forest. It is easy to get to some 80 km from where I live in Northern Bangkok.

The Pittas can be heard in their diagnostic calls all over the area. Easiest time to see them is in the early morning after a night of rain. The soil is soft and loads of worms are available. The Pittas then emerge from the thick vegetation to 'pile up' their worms for their chicks. It is interesting to observe how they sometimes put the worms down just to pick them up again. Sort of like giving themselves a break before they bring the worms to the nest.

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