Thursday, May 7, 2015

Small owls

                      I was able to get in touch with a good local guide in Sri Lanka, Amila Salgado.
                     Thanks to him I was able to see 3 small owls. First of all the Serendip Scops Owl,
                      a bird that was discovered only a few years back in the 21st Century.

                         The 2nd one and also endemic to Sri Lanka was the Chestnut-backed Owlet.
                         We had good scope views but not good light for photography.

                          Then on 2 different occasions I saw a pair of Indian Scops Owls on day roost.

Spot-winged Thrush

 During a 2 day birding adventure in Sri Lanka I was able to see no less then 17 endemic birds. I like zoothera thruhes a lot so this was a priority for me. Fortunately this handsome male was singing his heart out in the early morning hours.
The birds are skulkers and like the forest floor so to have him up on a branch in front of me was very special.

I made a recoding as well:

From Kithulgala, Sri Lanka