Thursday, September 27, 2012

Terek Sandpipers

The Tereks were a bit easier to get close to but it is still early in the season and having just arrived from their breeding grounds they seemed rather skittish as well.

Here are a few shots I managed.

The last image has a Grey-tailed Tattler mixed in with the sandpipers.

Grey-tailed Tattler

 This is a bird I don't see very often. It is primarily a passage migrant and doesn't show up much on salt pans or away from the coast. When I heard there were a few of them at Prasae, Rayong some 200 km from my home I 'did the dash', hired a boat and got some pix. There were 5 of them mixed in with about 300 Terek Sandpipers. The birds were skittish and I never managed to get as close to them as I would have liked.
Some of the birds were still in breeding pluamge with scaly breasts. Others were more plain looking in winter plumage.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Greater Painted Snipe

One never get tired of seeing the Painted Snipe. They are normally crepuscular so it was highly unusual to see them out in the open in good light like this.
These birds have reversed sex rules where it is the male that raises the young and the male with the duller plumage.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Great Thick-knee

Prior to this I had only seen this bird once. That time I only got an image by using a friends 600mm with two stacked 1.4 TC.
This time I got a lot closer though it was back lit.
A week later this bird was joined by another one so hopefully they don't need to feel so 'lost'!