Sunday, November 5, 2017

Spoon-billed Sandpiper November 2017

There are so so many things that have to come together for certain images to happen as is the case of this set of pix. 

!. The miracle of having access to a small population of wintering Spoon-billed Sandpiper in relative closeness to Bangkok.
2. Finding the birds in the midst of thousands of other shorebirds.
3. Having the time and money to get to the place.
4. Being aware of the tidal schedule.
5. Decent if not good weather.
6. Having the camera gear to take the picture.
7. Knowing how to operate your camera.
8. Having good relations with the workers of the salt pans so as to not wear out your welcome.
9. Preferably no other people around in order to best approach the birds.
10. The blessing of God probably should be on top of the list though! 

So, on our way back towards Bangkok we wanted to stop by Paktaley for another try at the Spoonies having seen them a day earlier. Weather was not the best with drizzling rain being a constant.
About 5 km before our spot the drizzle ceased. It was still very gloomy and clouds looming.
Birds were scattered all over the place. We decided to remain in the car in the hope of finding the Spoonies in a nearby pan. And we did! For the next half an hour or more we worked our cameras till batteries died. It was not easy in the light given and somehow the birds never got as close as one would want. Still, we were treated to a real show and felt extremely blessed!