Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Khok Kham

This month of April I didn't have many people visiting so I took the opportunity to visit Khok Kham at Samut Sakorn on a few half day trips.
At Khok Kham there is one spot where one can drive the car out inbetween the pans. The trick is to be there during high tide or there is nothing to shoot. It is still challenging to get close to the birds. They in general seem to accept my presence in the car but still remain a bit away.

Khok Kham also has an excellent boardwalk at the mangroves. Here is a good spot for observing birds through a scope or practicing flight shots.

1st shot is of a Red-necked Stint in breeding plumage. Note the red throat and lack of red on the primaries and secondaries.

There are many Golden Pacific Plovers around. This one moulting into breeding plumage.

This one almost in full breeding plumage.

Another more scenic image.

There were plenty of Lesser Sand Plovers around.
Here is a male in breeding plumage.

And yet another. The light was in my favor.

Broad-billed Sandpipers were around in the beginning of April

I have to include one of my favorite shorebirds: Long-toed Stint. This one got real close.

Here is more of a 'birdscape' image. Pacific Plover coming in for a landing.

Likewise a Ruddy Turnstone in breeding plumage landing in the salt pan.

The Whiskered Terns are all dark looking.

But not as deeply dark and smart as this handsome White-winged. The White-winged has a much more rapid flight and are harder to photograph.

Lastly, a Little Tern in breeding plumage.

Any comments are more then welcomed........

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Little and Red-necked Stints

These two species are almost impossible to separate in non breeding plumage.
They used to be considered identical, Red-necked considered the Eastern version
of Little.

Now that the birds are getting some color I tried to pick out a few.

Some differences:

Red-necked has slightly thickened tip of bill, medium sized primary projection and rather 'stocky' neck and shoulders and somewhat shorter legs.

In breeding plumage the throat is red/rufous while Little is white.
Little also is more complete red then Red-necked in breeding plumage.

Little has longer primary projection thus making them look more slender but taller as the tibia is longer. The bill is more fine and slightly drooping.

I hope I have identified these correctly.