Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bahk Chong - Khao Yai - Nakorn Nayok

Bahk Chong - Khao Yai - Nakorn Nayok

The other day I did a 420km drive to visit 3 different locations. It felt very nice to be out of Bangkok again.
My 1st destination was Bahk Chong, near to Khao Yai, where there are some grass lands near a reservoir.
I was after Small Buttonquail, a bird that has eluded my until now. I managed to see one bird crossing the dirt road but got no picture. Instead I got this lovely Peacock Pansy

Paddyfield Pipit

Lesser Whistling Tree Duck

Oriental Pratincole

I also saw several Oriental Skylarks and amazingly so this is my very 1st shot of this species. Great looking bird!

After some delicious local food I drove up to Khao Yai.
On the grasslands some Red-whiskered Bulbuls hung around.

And the Golden-headed Cisticolas had started to moult out of breeding plumage.

A drive to the Military Acadamy at Nakorn Nayok. Here in the lawns there are always some birds.

White-breasted Waterhen!

Asian Openbill

This young Vinous-breasted Starling was begging for food.

Many Black-collared Starlings were feeding on worms.

I did see a Blue-winged Pitta but it didnt come out in the open for photography.