Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nakorn Nayok, part 3

Here is what most folks come to look for at the Military Academy, Malaysian Night Heron. Mainly crepuscular and having a preference to inside the forest as well as rare in Thailand makes it for a rare sighting. Outside of the Botanical Garden in Taipeh I don't know where to see it this easy. However it is only during a few months in the rainy season that it shows.

It feeds totally in the open in between a few stands of trees. I suppose it rely on its sight for protection. It flies off when approached openly. However, it is rather easy to fool as all one has to do is get into a 'walking blind' and move in on it.

It has a hunched appearance but the silhouette is conspicuous making it easy to spot once in the open.

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Donald said...

Impressive! This helps me with an identification I was trying to make in Taiwan. Thank you.