Monday, August 24, 2009

Plain Prinia

Breeding is still happening in the wetlands. The Plain Prinia is the most common prinia. Prinias are resident warblers that inhabit marshes, grasslands and secondary growth. The rarest are Brown and Hill Prinia found only on mountains further North.
Anyone visiting Central Thailand evidently has to encounter the Plain Prinia. It love to perch exposed from a reed, a bush, a stick etc. It has a monotonous call zee-zee-zee-zee that is easily heard.

Here it is perching a few meters from its nest checking that the 'coast is clear' before bringing the grub to the chicks.

Some sort of a smaller cricket will also do.

The nest with the opening on the top.

Leaving for some more grubs.

Easy fieldmarks is the long and often cocked tail and white supercilium.

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