Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Eared Pitta

Everyone knows Blue Pitta is difficult. Now multiply that by 5 and you are getting towards the difficult degree of Eared Pitta.

A lot of my pictures I get while birdwatching. In other words, opportunistic photography. But when it comes to Eared Pitta, the opportunity only comes when there is a stake out and a blind set up.

 I spent 6 hours with this bird and in spite of the birds coming and going only got a handful of acceptable images. The bird showed extremely well but in difficult light and always on the move. Very challenging. Well, here is the male. His colors are a bit more intense then the female.

He also did the bulk of the job of finding worms
for the chick as the female spent time in the nest.
She did come out but only a couple of times.

Here she is on her way back into the nest.

It was amazing how quickly those worms were digested. The residue had to be removed frequently!

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