Saturday, February 22, 2014

Back to Bahkplee, Nakorn Nayok

It had been a month and a half since I last visited this great site. Helge Sorensen from Denmark, a dedicated photographer from Denmark happily agreed to give the site a try. I had seen a number of good species at the site already and was curious how things had developed. 

On this morning the weather was rather odd. Gloomy and a drop in temperature. It is very warm in Bangkok now so to sit in the blind at 21C was quite pleasant. Some of the birds I had seen before never showed up: Bluethroat, Red-throated Pipit, Zitting Cisticola and Oriental Skylark to be precise. Instead there were 2 new ones and the 1st one was a surprise: Long-tailed Shrike.

This Paddyfield Pipit stayed with us during the entire 2 and half hours in the hide.

Happily the Rosy Pipit still showed well though not more then 3 times in the time we were there. The malars are now gone and some of the streaking on the flanks and breast have disappeared. I hope it stays another month.

Last month I finally after so many years of birding in Thailand saw my 1st Horsfield's Bushlark at this site.
Since then I have seen it at Thatorn as well.
Today I heard it sing and used a short burst of playback to draw it in. It never came to feed but was curious enough to briefly drop by twice. It is a lot paler then Indo-chinese Bushlark, the rufous in the wing is weaker and the white in the tail is prominent in flight. The song is also very different from Indo-chinese. Very happy to have seen and photographed it!

                                      Stejnegeri's Stonechat performed nicely.

                                                   Here is the female.

Lastly the Eastern Yellow Wagtail. I think this is a 1st year old male of the race M.f. thunbergi

                                After that all that remained was a drive to the airport.

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