Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bay-backed Shrike, new on the Thai check list!

In the late afternoon of the 27th I paid a short visit to the King's Project at Lampakbia. 
As I drove in to the project something flew across the road in front of me. It looked very weirD and not like anything that I could ID on the spot. I stopped the car and managed to get a couple of shots.

Tossing different ideas around: Grey-headed Long-tailed shrike in a molting stake?, mantle of Burmese, eye mask from Brown, etc, I concluded 'this is weird'.

Yesterday i posted the image on a FB group. After some deliBeration it seemed that a lot pointed towards a Bay-backed Shrike, a bird that is not on the official Thai bird list.

On the day following,  Philip D. Round paid a visit to the site and confirmed the ID. A 1st for Thailand!

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