Monday, December 2, 2013


I drove 120 km to get to a site where Rosy Pipit had been reported from. The area near to Nakorn Nayok had some unusually large uncultivated fields. I could hear singing from all over and especially the Striated Grassbird took part of the chorus. Nice to find a place where it seem to be doing well.

I set up my hide and waited. It didn't take long for some Red-throated Pipits to show. Some showing more red on the throat then others.

One of the most colorful birds of the field is Bluethroat. He also came to get a free handout of some protein rich meal worms.

Then the bird I had hoped for started to appear. Rosy Pipit. Note the all dark bill, dark side to face and strong malar. I noticed it also has more greenish color then Red-throated.

The most frequent bird to show was a pair of Zitting Cisticolas. Tiny and active little birds not normally that easy to see so well.

                  Stejnegri's Stonechat also wanted its share.

I In one of the fields there were a lot of eucalyptus trees. I counted over a hundred Black-eared Kites roosting in them but forgot to take a picture.

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