Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kaengkrachan National Park in Spring

As usual I have neglected to post on my blog. It seems that Facebook takes priority these days along with my pbase account. Anyhow, here is a little something.

These are amazing wild oxen found free roaming in the tropical forest of Thailand: How do they grow that strong only feeding on planst? Gaur!

The master of the tree tops: Gibbons.....these are incredible strong animals well adapted for a life in tree tops. They also live of plants and fruit.....amazing, isn't it?

On the forest floor. A Ferruginous Partridge is carefully viewing the road before crossing the road. Just too bad I didn't manage to focus correctly. 

Male Banded Kingfisher with prey for its young. Simply gorgeous looking bird! 

The only place in Thailand to see Ratchet-tailed Treepie and with a tail like that it makes it a rather special bird. Unlike other treepies this one prefers it inside the thick forest. 

The Rufous-browed Flycatcher has its strong hold near to Panern Thung. The birds like it low inside the dark  forest gullies. I managed to lure this one out in the open. 

The song of Golden Babbler is always present. Very curious little bird!

I hadn't had good views of Great Slaty Woodpeckers for awhile so it was nice to connect well with a family group working a tree near the 3rd stream.

Heart-spotted Woodpecker showed well at stream 2.

No posting from Kaengkrachan would be complete without an image of a Broadbill. This pair of Black-red Broadbills were building a nest at Bahn Krahng camp. 


John said...

Some splendid birds there... thanks for posting !

Anonymous said...

I have been to both Phoneon Thung and Bang Krang Camps. Will get there again as soon the rain period is over, this time to spend weeks there!

Great photos you've managed to take! I am also looking forward to test my new camera equipment when I get there..