Monday, November 19, 2012

Spoonie again!

 Brian Fletcher stopped over for a day on his way from Sydney to a birding tour in Northeastern Brazil with Birdquest. Brian had tried to see the Spoonie on two different occasions, once in Myanmar and once in Thailand but failed.
This time he was rewarded with some of the best views possible. We spent several hours enjoying 3 birds as they fed in the salt pans.

Brian also added Milky Stork to his world list as well as White-faced Plover, so it was quite a happy man that boarded his plane the day following.

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Rick Simpson said...

That man Ericsson is a star spoonie finder for sure! Thanks for all your help in finding so many waders for Wader Quest, we had such a splendid day and enjoyed your company every bit as much as the birding.
Cheers Rick and Elis, Wader Quest.