Monday, March 14, 2011

Chinese Egret

With an estimated of only 3000 birds worldwide the Chinese Egret isn't exactly numerous. Each year there are a couple of these birds to be seen in the Lampakbia area. I have seen them at the salt pans but normally I see them along the banks of the estuary or out at the sand spit.

In winter plumage the bill is smudgy looking with yellow restricted to the lower mandable.
The legs are green.
Only a couple of plumes on the neck.

In March the bird has developed its breeding plumage with an almost completely yellow bill.
The legs are dark and the plumes are now manifold.


digdeep said...

Stunning images Peter - you must be pleased with thes


John said...

Great bird, and easier to pick out in breeding plumage for me. We'll be seeing a few soon here in Hong Kong.