Friday, February 18, 2011


The dry season is a good time to look for partridges in the forest as the rustling of the birds feet give them away. Still, it is very difficult to get any shots.
These shots were taken from a blind by a waterhole where some bird feed had been put out as well. First to the feast was the rather non descript Scaly-breasted Partridge.

Easily the most common and vocal partridge in the Central region.

What I was hoping for was to be able to get close views of Bar-backed Partridges.
I associate these birds with moderate levels of mountains but they had been reported from Ban SongNok which is a forested area almost at sea level. Scaly-breasted is a daily visitor but the Bar-backed coming in is a new happening.
Perhaps the abundance of food and water helped to bring them to the area?

These birds are so nicely decorated. A group of 4 showed up to my delight.

A visit to Ban SongNok is a most rewarding experience.


Ike said...

Where is Baan Song Nok?

Thaibirder said...

Near to Bahn Maka right outside of Kaengkrachan National Park......come on up here and see for yourself.
Great place for some recreation!