Monday, January 10, 2011

Brahimy Starling

I was out birding with Richard and Liz King from Australia when we recieved a tip off some unusual Starlings at a garbage dump at Lampakbia. A short wait and our bins were on the very rare Brahimy Starling as well as a Common Starling. The former a lifer for me and the latter a Thai tick. I only had time to document the sightings but later home that night I posted the images on a Thai website.
In a couple of days no less then 50 photographers had invaded the garbage dump and were showing their works online.

A week later I had the opportunity together with Roland Graf from Germany to put myself in a blind. This is the result. The bird has now taken to free hand outs of meal worms and hopefully it will remain throughout the season for more visiting birders to see.


Ayuwat Jearwattanakanok said...

Such a nice opportunity for Thai birders! I wonder why there are still so few photos of the Common Starling...

Ike said...

Beautiful photographs of a remarkable bird ... I still would vote this one as the most handsome of all starlings in Thailand! -Great work with teh camera Peter!