Monday, November 29, 2010


The forest is as we all know a real challenge to photograph birds. (Yes, I know, even seeing birds can be very hard at times) it was with great anticipation I set behind a blind at Bahng Songnok waiting to see what would show up.
I was under the impression that the Red-legged Crake is a wet season visitor at Kaengkrachan so I was surprised to see this bird show up.

This bird was the definite highlite of my day as I have been wanting to photography it for a long long time. Often encountered on a birding walk but seldom seen.
Large Scimitar Babbler. Also from Bahn Songnok.

This lovely resident warbler has an easily recognized voice. It likes bamboo in the hills. Yellow-bellied Warbler.

The Golden Babbler likes it in the thick scrub. This one was lured out with playback

Likewise the Red-bearded Bee-eater is a hard to find bird at Kaengkrachan. With its striking colors a definite highlight of my day at Panern Thung.

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