Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rain Quail

For 9 months of the year one neither see nor hear the Rain Quail.
Then during 3 months of the wet season the loud and far reaching 'clink clink' can be heard in suitable habitat such as at Huay Mai Taeng, Ratchaburi.

In the grass lands and scrub near the large dam these little birds are commonly found. Their calls are hard to pin point from where it originates.

I found the best way was to drive around in the grass lands by car.

Normally they aren't seen well as they seem to stay within the thicket of the scrub or grasses. But as the mating season draws near they start calling and proclaiming their territory.

This is best done from a rock where the male will belt out his song.

They were surprisingly approachable with the car. Perhaps too occupied finding or calling their mates?

And this is how I got these images. The week earlier I had seen them only on foot and through a scope but this time Carl-Johan Svensson came along and with the help of his high clearing vehicle we were able to 'get the job done'.


Unravel said...

Great bird, Peter!
I've yet to see this one.

Mike said...

Great shots Peter, I now believe I have heard this bird, because of the distinctive call you describe.

Unfortunately I have not seen one!

Friend of HK said...

Love your blog and know about Thaibirds!