Monday, July 5, 2010

Wet season breeding visitor!

Most folks visiting Thailand don't get to see Blue-winged Pitta for the simple reason that it is a wet season visitor. A few individuals may stay over winter in the South but no where else. Then in late April/May they start coming in from their wintering grounds in primarily Indonesia. In June they breed and in suitable habitat are quite easy to see.

This particular individual was fed worms regularly at the garden of a local bird photographer near Khao Yai. The bird had a nest up the hill but worms strategically placed would overcome its fear and it put on a splendid show.

On the day I visited it showed just about every 10 minutes. The chicks must have been quite big to receive all that food!

I was able to take pictures for a long time and to experiment with different settings. Great fun!


Mike said...

Superb photographs, what a find.

Unravel said...

Excellent photos, Peter!
I've yet to get any shot of this colourful bird.

Ike said...

Great photos Peter ... I guess in the open and with plenty of light you can afford to play around with the settings! -You still need to teach me how to hand hold a non-IS lens in the forest!