Friday, October 23, 2009

Red-bellied Pitta

There isn't much that can live up to the excitement of getting a new Pitta species. In this case I knew the Red-bellied wouldn't be that hard once I was within its distribution range. But how to get to either the PI or Sulawesi.
Happily so, Airasia opened up a route from KL to Manado. Prompto, there I was!
I wanted to see the many endemic birds to the island but the Pitta was still my top of the list bird.

Samuel, the guide at Tangkoko knew the whereabouts of a pair. I had seen poor views of it at Tambun and was keen to get the 'real thing'. Samuel whistled and soon the birds responded. It was amazing to see how relatively confiding they were. Try doing that with a Blue or Eared Pitta in Thailand and you'll see what I mean.

I still struggled to get good shots as there were a lot of branches, bushes, etc blocking from clear views.
Eventually I ended up with these and a memorable encounter.....

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Anonymous said...

what e great bird photography...the most beautiful one...