Thursday, September 10, 2009

Huay Hong Krai, Chiang Mai

Huay Hong Krai, 20 some kilometers out of Chiang Mai on the way to Chiang Rai is where one needs to go to see Green Peafowl in the wild. Well, some don't think they originate from a wild population but I can testify to the lack of tameness of these birds. They are easily shooed away and outright hard to get a decent shot of.

As big as they are they readily take to higher branches when alarmed.

I saw a flock of 6 birds that took off from high in the trees and flew across the waters nearby to settle in the forest across. Quite a sight to see these huge birds in flight.

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Nick Upton said...

I must admit I don't think these birds are wild at all. There are Green Peafowl at the breeding centre at Khao Soi Dao which are equally easily flushed away and these most certainly are not wild. Other Green peafowl in a Queen's project near Hua Hin are also very nervy and were most certainly released by the Queen.

Strangely enough the wild Green Peafowl that I trecked 3 days to see in Ujong Kulon national park in Java were fairly tame.