Friday, February 9, 2007

The North 25-29/1

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I had a fun time in the North with Peter Stahl and spouse who came in from cold Canada for sometime in the sun. Peter is a keen photographer with a wealth of high quality photographs at his webpages

We set out to visit nearby fields on our first day. Seeing the sun rise over the paddies and hearing all the birds come alive was an uplifting event. Some neat looking Wire-tailed Swallows were the best attraction.
Then we proceeded to drive along the scenic route to Doi Angkhang.
Once there we were able to visit River Chat, Plembous Redstart and a male Black-breasted Thrush at Bahn Luang resort. The latter was a lifer for me.
A Streaked Wren Babbler also showed at the resort's pitoresque waterfall.

After a local meal of fresh veggies it was time to visit the Royal agricultural project. Behind the restaurant's kitchen quite a number of Thrushes had gathered to feed in the well nourished soil. Several Black-breasted, Scaly, Eye-browed and even a Grey-winged Thrush were seen. In addition a female White-tailed Robin was showing real well.

The next couple of days we shifted to Doi Inthanon. Never have I seen the summit so crowded with people. Felt like downtown Bangkok. Did see many birds at all but atleast got shots of Chestnut-tailed Minlas and Chestnut-crowned Laughingthrushes.
Weather was cold so the excellent coffee available up here was much appreciated.
We proceeded to look for birds a little here and there. Best birds photographed were a female Daurian Redstart and Long-tailed Broadbills.

At the resort outside the park we had fun shooting a Warbler which was either Radde's or Streak-throated. It didn't call so couldn't tell.

Mae Hia outside of Bangkok produced a lot of open woodland and field birds. Getting the Green-billed Malkoha still for some shots was a treat as it usually never is still.

Then we tried Huay Teung Tao which wasn't that good but gave an Asian Barred Owlet much to Peter's joy.

Peter showed me some things about Photoshop and I enjoyed seeing him in action with his big 'bazooka'...Pictures displayed here are with my 'small gun' the 400m F5.6 and Canon 350Rebel.

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