Friday, September 1, 2017

Brown Prinia

Back in 2001 I got a picture of a Brown Prinia at Nam Nao National Park. It was the 1st image to be uploaded to of the species. I haven't seen this bird ever since. It has a limited presence in Thailand and is seldom seen on regular birding trips.

This time I hoped to get on to the bird again. It was very quiet to be honest but I did find a pair. I recorded the birds and stayed with them for a while learning their various sounds. Contact call, alarm call and territorial song.

The birds dont have any obvious supercilium as opposed to Rufescent Prinia. There also is nothing white on the tail. Easiest quick way to ID is through vocalizations. 

It was very difficult to get pictures as they kept on the move and often obscured by vegetation. In the end I got something to show for even though I forgot to extend my lens to its full 400mm and instead shot at 248. Grr!

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